These cases are, as of yet, unsolved. Most of them lack but a single clue to link them together. It is possible that YOU may provide that one link to the chain of Justice.

If you have any information on "cold" or unsolved murder cases, please call us at (803) 576-3000 or any of the contact numbers listed above. Together we can bring relief to tragic situations and bring the guilty to justice.


Cold Cases

Contact Persons-Cold Case Squad:
Deputy Chief Stan Smith (803) 576-3037
Director David Wilson (803) 576-3033
Fax: (803) 576-3190

Dowl Thompson
Larry Gainey
Gene Mincey 
Jeff Fuller
Carl Craig
Dottie Cronise  (803) 576-3462

Case Number 1001099812
Incident Date 01/31/2010
Victim Willis Jones
Incident Location 208 Nazery Circle
The victim was found murdered inside his home.

Case Number 0901292131
Incident Date 01/31/2009
Victim Jerome Hallman
Incident Location 5511 Two Notch Road (F&L Lounge)
Victim had an altercation outside the club and was murdered.

Case Number 0901247227

SOLVED 04/2011

Incident Date 01/27/2009
Victim James Willie Smith
Incident Location 230 Morning Side
During an attempted robbery the victim was murdered in a friend's residence.

Case Number 0812143914
Incident Date 12/14/2008
Victim Donald Ryant
Incident Location 2 Sandy Springs Ct (off Kay Street)
The victim was murdered in his vehicle at the incident location.

Case Number 0808241324
Incident Date 08/14/2008
Victim Natasha Warren
Incident Location Exit 108A on I-26 (Bush River Road)
The victim was found murdered in her car.
Case Number 0808135714
Incident Date 08/14/2008
Victim Darrell Williams
Incident Location 310 Berkshire Dr. Apt. 14
The victim was murdered in his home.

Case Number 0706258027
Incident Date 06/27/2007
Victim Adrian Brogdon
Incident Location 1340 Longcreek Dr. Apt 620
The victim was murdered in front of the incident location.

Case Number 061117313


Incident Date 11/13/2006
Victim Joseph Richardson
Incident Location 7648 Garners Ferry Rd. Apt 320
The victim was found murdered in his home.

Case Number 0610246426


Incident Date 10/26/2006
Victim Michael Steed
Incident Location 324 Gatlin Dr.
The victim was found murdered in front of his home.

Case Number 0601194721
Incident Date 01/21/2006
Victim Jaking White
Incident Location Busby Street (near the Clyburn Bridge)
The victim was found murdered at the incident location.

Case Number 0511059106


Incident Date 11/06/2005
Victim O'Neal, Malverse
Incident Location 8030 Farrow Rd.
Victim was found murdered inside his home.

Case Number 0510270127


Incident Date 10/27/2005
Victim Corbitt, Antonio
Incident Location 3200 Fernandina Rd (Near Building 114)
The victim was found murdered lying on the ground in front of Building 113.

Case Number 0507291427
Incident Date 07/27/2005
Victim Randolph, Raymond
Incident Location 109 Everett St.
The victim was found dead outside vacant residence.

Case Number 05030356-04
Incident Date 03/04/2005
Victim Doe, Jane
Incident Location Woods near 118 Bluff Rd.
Victim was found in nearby woods..

Case Number 0408080107
Incident Date 08/07/2004
Victim Crowell, Bennie
Incident Location 5025 Two Notch Road (Playground Club)
Victim was murdered inside business with many witnesses with no information.

Case Number 0406226523
Incident Date 06/23/2004
Victim Wilcox, Robert
Incident Location 7030 Fairmont Dr. Apt A
Victim was murdered as he was entering his apartment. Witnesses stated it appeared victim may have been fleeing from someone.

Case Number 0406236722
Incident Date 06/22/2004
Victim Brown, Timothy
Incident Location 1063 Prescott Rd.
Victim was found murdered in roadway. Victim did not live at location..

Case Number 0404171517
Incident Date 04/17/2004
Victim Eaddy, Silene
Incident Location Pincushion and Montgomery Rd.
Victim was was found murdered near railroad tracks. Investigation indicated victim may have been murdered elsewhere, then dumped and burned.

Case Number 02010521
Incident Date 01/06/2002
Victim Hughes, Ernest
Incident Location 7502 Shiran Street
Victim found shot in laundry room. Appears to have been shot through the closed door. Multiple shots. Narcotic related.

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