Incident Report Requests

Victims of crimes can request copies of Incident Reports online, free of charge.

  • You MUST be the victim of the crime for whom the report was written.
  • You MUST have the correct case number. Our case numbers are 10 digits long and of the form (yymmxxxxdd) Where "yy" is the year, "mm" is the month, "xxxx" is an index number, and "dd" is the day of the month.
  • All fields in this form are mandatory.
  • Erroneous information will result in the request simply being discarded. We will not make attempts to correct the information.
  • We cannot send reports involving juveniles. Those must be requested in person at our office on Two Notch Rd.
  • Submission of false information to obtain reports is punishable by law, and will be prosecuted.
  • The Sheriff's Department reserves the right to disregard any requests, at its discretion, without notice.
  • You must allow at least 48 hours (2 business days) for your report to be emailed to you.

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