Lake Murray Property Check Request

 To request a check of your property, please complete and submit the form below. Forms are forwarded to RCSD  Marine Patrol.

 If property does not border Lake Murray, please use the Special Property Check Request Form.


County where property is located: 

 Start date:  Time:   End date: Time:

 Times of Property Check  

 Name:     Phone:      Email: 

 Address (please include city and zip code):  

 Residence or Business    

 Pets        Vehicle(s):   

 Alarm system and company: 

 Lights:     Locations: 

 Does property border the lake? 

 Do you have a dock or pier?       Is full address posted on dock or pier?  

 Address as it appears on dock/pier: 

 GPS Coordinates (if known):

 Is there room for patrol boat to dock?     

 Do you have a boat docked or lifted at your dock?    

 Make, model & registration number: 

 Emergency Contact Person(s):  Has key?       Will be checking property?  

 Name:  Home phone:  Work/cell phone: 

 Name:  Home phone:  Work/cell phone: 

 Reason for Property Check:   


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