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Richland County Homeland Security Coordinator
MSG Don Murphy

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott recognizes the importance of deputies and citizens being prepared for all types of critical incidents.  Just as the tragic events of September 11, 2001 forever changed the way our nation views our internal security, the Boston Marathon bombing, hurricanes and natural disasters have reminded us that preparedness must always be considered. Sheriff Leon Lott recognizes the importance of crisis management training, community education, and building partnerships that will make our citizens and communities safe.  To this end, in 2004, he became the first sheriff in South Carolina to apply for and receive Department of Homeland Security grant money in an effort to establish the position of Homeland Security Coordinator for the Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Lott has designated Master Sergeant Don Murphy to the position and now, in his 32nd year in law enforcement, Murphy is bringing to bear his past experience in Uniform Patrol, Traffic Safety, Special Response Team, and Bloodhound Team, and his passion for the fight against terrorism, to help our communities.  

MSG Murphy is responsible for educating the community and the department on how to be prepared for disasters and how to prevent acts of terrorism.  He is a liaison with local, state, and federal agencies in the continuing quest to preserve the safety and security of all citizens of and visitors to Richland County. He works closely with partners on all levels of government, and through a cross-section of public safety disciplines, to encourage all stakeholders to communicate better, share information efficiently, and to work more closely together for the common good. These partners include government agencies, as well as hospitals and public health and environmental agencies, and private sector interests.  

Additionally, MSG Murphy can also conduct site assessments for businesses to help them in considering important preparedness topics including, but not limited to, active shooter and other workplace violence.

To get in touch with MSG Don Murphy, please call 803-576-3455 or email


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