Sheriff's Chaplaincy Program
The program is a Volunteer Police Chaplaincy program. The chaplains serve the department on a rotational on call status. They may ride along with the deputies whenever they have the opportunity. The Chaplains respond to crime scenes at the request of the department. Several of the Chaplains are trained in the Mitchell Model to do Critical Incident Peer Debriefings. They will respond to officers that are involved in crisis situations to help reduce the Post Traumatic Stress that follows critical incidents if unchecked.

If you would like more information about our Chaplaincy program, see our brochure here.

If you are interested in becoming a Chaplain, you may download and print an application here.

We are proud of our Chaplains and many seek out their guidance.

Chaplain's Name

Chaplain's email

Chaplain's phone number

Paul St. John (803) 760-0097

Amanda Allen

Ron Anderson (803) 446-5779
Anthony Carter (770) 685-3534
Henry Cleare (803) 530-7084
Louai Elkhatib (803) 429-6399
Bobby Farmer 803-331-2704
Abdullah Hulwe (803) 338-9835
Chris Hutnyak (803) 309-7446
Sung Kim (803) 260-2090
John Tempesco (803) 351-8161
Laurie Pineda (803) 309-1646
Wayne Penn, Sr. (803) 556-6804
Benjamin Blocker, Sr. (803) 348-4875
Terry Barrett (803) 727-6932
Reserve Chaplains
Augustus Rodgers (803) 315-3898
Tim Bupp (803) 201-6822
Leroy Cannon (803) 413-7932
Johnnie White (803) 269-4911
Chaplain Emeritus
Gene Harper    


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Columbia, South Carolina 29223 
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