Telephone Reporting System

The Sheriff's Department, in order to improve our level of service to the community, has implemented a telephone reporting system, allowing certain types of incidents to be reported over the phone. This will make taking your report easier and faster for you. The sections below explain the project in detail.

Essentially the telephone reporting system is used for certain non-emergency calls. That would be defined as calls where there is no threat of injury and where no suspect is present. 

To make a telephone report, simply check the list below to see if your incident can be handled over the phone. Then dial 576-3000 and tell the operator that you need to make a phone report.

What can I make a telephone report about?
Qualified calls would include:
  • Larceny: Monetary Value less than $2000.00 (including: Gas drive-offs and theft from an auto where victim is calling from another city/state.
  • Burglary of motel/hotel room where a victim is calling from another city/state.
  • Vandalism: Malicious mischief where property damage is $500.00 or less.
  • Fraud or Breach of Trust where the loss is less than $1000.00; except where there is evidence to be examined or collected.
  • A Follow-up report: Supplement reports in which additional information or property needs to be added to the original report.
  • Obscene/Threatening Telephone calls: Nuisance calls in nature, i.e., hang-ups, heavy breathing, child's play, etc.
  • Trespassing circumstances where a suspect is not currently on scene.
  • Zoning Complaints.
  • Reports made for Insurance purposes only.
  • Reports civil in nature. Example: Property disputes & Evictions
  • Domestic Reports where the complainant states specifically that the report is being made for documentation only.
  • Truancy reports or complaints where the child is not on scene.
  • Crime tips, narcotics activity, or suspect locations.
What can I NOT make a telephone report about?
Some calls REQUIRE that a Deputy be dispatched to you. Examples would include:
  • A suspect is present or an immediate apprehension can be made.
  • There is physical evidence to be collected.
  • Stolen Motor Vehicle Reports and Stolen Motor Vehicle Recoveries.
  • Missing Persons and Missing Persons recovery Reports.
  • Assaults and criminal domestic violence.
  • There is a communications problem where the dispatcher cannot determine what has occurred.
  • The dispatcher or Sheriff Department representative deems it necessary that an officer be dispatched.
  • The caller request to see a Deputy.

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