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Two Arrested for Crimes Using Apps

Two Criminals Arrested for Committing Crimes Using Social Media Apps

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced the arrests of Johnny Alston (DOB: 02/06/1996) charged with four counts of larceny and one count of conspiracy to commit a crime; Raheem Scott (DOB: 10/04/94) charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit a crime. 

The Sheriff stated that Alston and Scott set up unsuspecting victims to steal their cell phones by using the social media apps, “Let Go” and “Offer Up”. These apps are used for citizens to buy and sell personal property. Alston would apply for jobs at local restaurants and never show back up after receiving his uniforms. Alston would meet the victims in the parking lots of these restaurants wearing the uniform for that location; Alston would have the victim’s cell phone and use an excuse to say he has to go get something. Alston would go inside the restaurant and leave out the other side stealing the cell phone. Alston and Scott would sell (or try to sell) the phones on Craigslist for $300.00.

Richland County Sheriff’s Department investigators were able to identify Alston and Scott. Investigators were set up at a restaurant last week when Alston was at it again. He was in the restaurant uniform attempting to steal a victim’s cell phone; he was quickly arrested and investigators soon arrested his accomplice Scott.  

The Sheriff reminds us to be mindful of scams and thieves out trying to steal your hard earned money and merchandise. Please remember you can always use the Richland County Sheriff’s Department ‘Safe Exchange” locations at our Region Headquarters. It’s always better to be safe then to become a victim. Sheriff Lott is asking if you know anyone or feel you have been a victim to please come forward. To receive up to $1000 for information leading to the arrest of the persons responsible, please call, email or text your anonymous tip to:


June 15, 2017

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