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Sheriff Lott Invited the Community to Attend Swearing-In Ceremony 

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott took the Oath of Office on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 11am at Central Baptist Church, 3625 Clement Road, 29203. The Sheriff extended an invitation for the community to share the momentous occasion as he celebrated 20 years as the Sheriff of Richland County! The Sheriff felt it was important to have those in attendance who supported and trusted him through the years to serve and make Richland County a better place to live.  

Sheriff Leon Lott has been on the forefront of community policing in the 21st Century, and has a keen sense of knowing what needs to be done to accomplish this mission.  He has created and implemented programs and projects that have proven successful and set standards nationally and internationally.  The Sheriff’s beliefs on 21st Century Policing are that we will do what is ethically and morally right, no matter how unpopular that decision may be.  The Sheriff has stood on this for the last 20 years as a Department, and as a law enforcement officer for the past 40 years.  It has and will always be the correct way to handle everything. The Sheriff stated that it was important for him to build a Department built on expanding the community trust, accountability, integrity, and good solid leadership. One of the many important projects that the Sheriff has implemented is the Citizens Advisory Council, created to hold the Richland County Sheriff’s Department accountable for its actions, to ensure our decisions are ethical, legitimate, and fair. Sheriff Leon Lott states that there’s still work to be done to accomplish strategic objectives and challenges and assures the citizens of Richland County that every effort will be put forth to meet the goals of the Department.  

Sheriff Lott was first sworn into office in January of 1997, Tuesday’s Oath of Office Ceremony marked Sheriff Leon Lott’s 20th year of service as the Sheriff of Richland County. For more information, please contact Major Stephany Snowden at (803) 576-3117.

January 03, 2017

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