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Richland County Judicial Unit
Region 5

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The Judicial Unit of the Richland County Sheriffs Department is responsible for all criminal court related law enforcement activity for Richland County. The region headquarters is located in the Richland County Judicial Center.

The Richland County Judicial Center operates five days a week with the

following courts daily. Two General Session Courts, Three Common Plea Courts, Two Probate Courts, Five Family Courts and the Master in Equity Court. The court house also houses the County Coroner Office, Deeds Office, Department of Social Service, Department of Juvenile Justice Office, State Probation and Parole Offices and the Public Defenders Office.

Judicial Security Division:

At the forefront of this division is the Inmate Control Team. This team is responsible for approximately 2000 prisoners monthly that move through the judicial center. The unit receives inmates from all state and county prisons in South Carolina that are due in court. It is responsible for tracking and controlling all prisoner movement within the judicial center.

Working closely with the Inmate Control Team are the General Session and Family Court Teams: These two teams are responsible for courtroom and building security. The duties of building security are divided between the units as manpower and courtroom activity dictate.

The Richland County Traffic Court Team is responsible for the operation of the courts and building security at the traffic court facility. The traffic court typically operates Monday through Friday and handles all traffic related crimes and civil trials. One day each week a member of the team travels to the Richland County Detention Center and maintains security in the courtroom dedicated to preliminary hearings.

Included in the Judicial Security Division is the Building Security Section. This team is responsible for the security of all other county buildings other than the courts. The team is required to be present at all County Council meetings and is responsible for traffic enforcement on all county properties.

Transportation Division:

The State Wide Team transports all inmates as they relate to Richland County, which must be moved to and from prison facilities within the borders of South Carolina. The team will also extradite inmates from neighboring states. The team coordinates the movement of inmates to and from Richland County Detention Center for Summary Court.

REGION 5 / Judicial Division Personnel

CAPTAIN: Darrell Price

LIEUTENANT: John Doudoukjian


SERGEANT: James Watson, Randy Moorman

SENIOR CORPORAL: Joseph Gravelyn

CORPORAL: Cheryl Perry


SENIOR DEPUTIES: Keith Barefoot, Anthony Brown, Charles Crosby, Charles Culp, Daryl Ford, Allison Hunter

DEPUTIES:  James Beilman, Stanley Blackett, Aly Brun, Kyle Early, Barry Emery, Adam Feliz, Malcolm Gibson, Nathan Harris, Keysa Hayes, Anthony Hogue, Deva Imel, Shamica Jennings, Travis Johnson, Brian Kelly, Jeffery Kimbrough, Jill Majerus, Shawn McNicoll, Brandy Porter, Norman Rivera, Guillermo Santiago, Harry Sigler, Mystic Smith, Christopher Toliver, Justin Williams, Justin Wise, John Wolfe

ADMINISTRATIVE: Norma Ortiz, Darryl Rabon, Carlos Rodriguez


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