This Month's Community Meetings

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Region 1

Green Lakes 02/02/2017 110 Greenlake Drive 6:30pm
Rosewood Communities 02/02/2017 Owens Field Airport Conference Room 6:30pm
Capital View 02/02/2017 1540 Elmtree Rd. 7:00pm
Washington Park 02/04/2017 1030 Andrews Road 10:00am
Richard Street Community Meeting 02/06/2017 1315 Basil Street 7:00pm
Berkley Forest 02/06/2017 Caughman Park Rec Center 6:00pm
Hickory Ridge 02/07/2017 Region 1 HQ 7:00pm
Atlas Road Area 02/13/2017 Bluff Road Park 6:00pm
Harbour Landing Crime Watch cancelled 7625 Garners Ferry Rd 6:00pm
Eastway Park 02/16/2017 Bluff Road Park 6:00pm
East Bluff 02/19/2017 Bluff Road Park 6:30pm
Olympia Crime Watch 02/20/2017 721 Maryland Street 6:00pm
Quail Creek 02/23/2017 Region 1 HQ 7:00pm
Lakeshore Village Apartments 02/23/2017 Leasing Office 6:00pm
Pine Lakes 02/28/2017 Region 1 HQ 7:00pm
Arthur Town Crime Watch No meeting Arthur Town Community Center (323 Riley St.) 9:00am
Austin Woods Apartments No meeting Austin Woods Pool House 6:00pm
Bluff Estates No meeting CR Neal Dream Center Bible Way Church 6:00pm
BMW No meeting 1501 Hallbrook Rd. 7:00pm
Caughman Park Community No meeting Caughman Park Rec Center 7:00pm
Chandler Hall No meeting Region 1 HQ 6:30pm
Citizens of Olympia No meeting 701 Whaley Street TBA
Clarence McKinney No meeting 114 Soloman St. (Eastover) 4:30pm
Deermeadow Village No meeting Club House 5:00pm
Deerwood Knoll No meeting TBA 6:00pm
Elmtree / Georgetown Apartments No meeting Leasing office 5:30pm
Hazelwood Acres No meeting 1540 Elmtree Rd. 7:00pm
Kingston Ridge No meeting Caughman Park Rec. Center 6:00pm
Knollwood No meeting Woodlands Rec. Center 7:00pm
Lower Richland Masonic Lodge No meeting Lower Richland Masonic Lodge 6:30pm
Madison Station Apartments No meeting 4020 Ulmer Road 6:00pm
Mill Creek Estates No meeting Mill Creek Zion Church (97 Mill Creek Pkwy.) 6:30pm
Myers Creek Crime Watch No meeting Region 1 HQ 6:00pm
Old Leesburg Communities No meeting Mt. Olive Church (5601 Old Leesburg Rd.) 7:00pm
Olympia Residential No meeting 701 Whaley Street 7:00pm
Quail Hills No meeting Region 1 HQ 6:30pm
Quail Pointe No meeting TBA 6:30pm
Rawlinson Place No meeting Caughman Park Rec Center 7:00pm
Reflections CW No meeting 2 Stoney Lakes Dr. 6:30pm
Seniors of Eastview No meeting Lizards Thicket (Garners Ferry @ Universal) 6:00pm
Shandon Crossing No meeting 504 S. Beltline Blvd 5:30pm
South Kilbourne / Valencia Park No meeting Owens Field Airport Conference Room 6:30pm
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Region 2

Arcadia Lakes 02/02/2017 Arcadia Lakes Town Hall 6:00pm
Christopher Towers 02/08/2017 805 Devine Street 6:00pm
Woodfield Park HOA 02/09/2017 Woodfield Park Baptist Church 6:30pm
Belvedere Community 02/09/2017 Burton Pack Elementary School 6:00pm
Briarwood HOA 02/09/2017 United Methodist Church (Alpine/Windsor) 7:00pm
Springwood Lake 02/11/2017 Adult Activity Center (Parklane Rd) 12:30pm
Fox Run 02/11/2017 Region 2 HQ 9:00am
Greater Woodfield 02/13/2017 Peterson Presbyterian Church (8131 Brookfield Rd.) 6:30pm
Melrose Park 02/13/2017 1500 Fairview Dr. (Public Park) 7:00pm
Paces Run 02/13/2017 100 Paces Run Ct. 7:00pm
Trenholm Acres 02/14/2017 Trenholm Acres / Newcastle Community Center 6:30pm
Wyndham Point 02/15/2017 80 Brighton Hill Rd. 6:00pm
Drexel Lake Hills Neighborhood 02/16/2017 Little Pigs (Alpine Rd) 6:15pm
Charleswood 02/16/2017 Region 2 HQ 7:00pm
Quail Run 02/16/2017 3509 Lake Avenue 6:00pm
Lionsgate Pt 1/2 02/22/2017 Pool Hall 5:30pm
Newcastle Community 02/23/2017 Trenholm Acres/Newcastle Community Center 6:30pm
Springtree Apartments 02/23/2017 250 Springtree Dr. - Office 6:00pm
Farrowoods Estates 02/28/2017 Region 2 HQ 7:00pm
Alta Monte Homeowners no meeting 101 Hounds Ct. S. 6:45pm
Alianza Latina no meeting 730 Devine Street 12:00pm
American Legion Post 6 no meeting 200 Pickens Street 5:30pm
The Arbors no meeting 8720 Windsor Lake Blvd 12:00pm
Arcadia Park no meeting TBA 6:00pm
Arrington Place Apartments no meeting 1600 Van Heise Road 4:00pm
Bayberry Mews/Capital Heights no meeting 100 Cardamon Court (Capital Heights Office) 6:00pm
Bayview West no meeting Region 2 HQ 7:00pm
Bradley Community no meeting Covenant Baptist Church 7:00pm
Brighton Hill Condos no meeting 100 Brighton Hill Cr. - swimming pool 10:00am
Brookfield Heights HOA no meeting 6820 Wedgefield Road 7:30pm
Brookside Crossings Apartments no meeting 220 Springtree Drive 6:00pm
Brookstone / Rice Creek no meeting 605 Polo Road TBA
Carrington Place no meeting 751 Mallet Hill Road 6:00pm
Crown Lake Apartments no meeting Crown Lake Club House 6:00pm
Deer Park Apartments no meeting 7225 Firelane Road 6:00pm
Delwood/Overcreek no meeting 5317 Trenholm Rd - Library (Cooper Branch) 6:00pm
Drexel Lake Park Crime Watch no meeting Blue Cross Blue Shield (Faraway Drive) 7:00pm
Flora Springs no meeting 168 Flora Springs Dr. 6:30pm
Folkstone no meeting Region 2 HQ 7:00pm
Forest Acres Neighborhood Assoc. no meeting Good Shepard Lutheran Church 7:00pm
Foxcroft HOA no meeting Polo Park 10:00am
Gable Hill Apartments no meeting Club house 6:00pm
Gonzalez Gardens no meeting 1505 Garden Plaza Club House 5:30pm
Green Springs no meeting Sandhill Library 6:30pm
Greenbrier Apartments no meeting 100 Willow Oak Drive (club house) 6:00pm
Greengate Board Meeting no meeting Pool Hall 6:00pm
The Havens no meeting 1460 Oakcrest Drive 6:30pm
Heron Lake Apartments no meeting 1340 North Brickyard Rd 6:00pm
Highland Park no meeting 2116 Cushman Drive (Gill Creek Baptist Church) 7:00pm
Hunt Club Apt. Coalition no meeting Tangle Wood Apt. Clubhouse 12:00pm
Hunter's Way Apartments no meeting 325 Percival Road 5:30pm
Huntington Condos no meeting 7602 Hunt Club Rd. (Club House) 7:00pm
Hunter's Green Apartments no meeting 2526 Alpine Rd 7:00pm
Jackson Creek Apartments no meeting 2406 Kneece Road 5:00pm
Lake Pointe no meeting Kroger Shopping Center on Two Notch 6:30pm
Lakewood Mobile Homes no meeting Leasing Office TBA
Meredith Square no meeting Clubhouse 5:30pm
Moreland Drive no meeting 2805 Moreland Drive 3:00pm
Mossley Hills no meeting 1712 Thorndyke Dr. 6:00pm
Paddock Club no meeting 4824 Smallwood Rd. 7:00pm
Parklane Apartments no meeting Parklane Apartments Community Building 5:30pm
Parliament Lake no meeting TBA 7:00pm
Pinebelt Business Owners no meeting 1426 Ellerbe Street 6:30pm
Pinehurst no meeting Pinehurst Park Rec Center 7:00pm
Polo Ridge no meeting 80 Polo Ridge Circle 7:30pm
Polo Village Apartments no meeting 1270 Polo Road 6:30pm
Rabon Farms no meeting Region 2 HQ 7:00pm
Spring Valley Community no meeting TBA 6:30pm
Spring Valley West no meeting 556 Great North Rd. 7:00pm
State Park Acres no meeting Mt. Pilgram Baptist Church 9:00am
Summer Valley no meeting Summer Valley Round-About 9:00am
Trailor Park Association no meeting 4915 Alpine Road 11:00am
Wellesley Place Condos no meeting 3630 Ranch Rd. Club House 6:30pm
Wild Azalea no meeting 132 Wild Azalea Court 7:00pm
Wildewood no meeting Wildewood Country Club 7:00pm
Williamsburg East no meeting 4927 Alpine Rd. (Little Pigs BBQ) 6:30pm
Windsor Lake no meeting Petersen Presbyterian Church (8131 Brookfield Rd.) 7:00pm
Windsor Village (Annual Meeting) no meeting United Methodist Church: Alpine/Windsor Lake Blvd 6:00pm
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Region 3

Washington Heights 02/02/2017 Region 3 HQ 7:00pm
Northwood Hills 02/06/2017 Alcorn Middle School 7:00pm
Bookert Heights 02/09/2017 Temple Zion Church (1174 Heyward Brockington Rd.) 7:00pm
College Place 02/13/2017 Columbia College 6:00pm
North Columbia Civic Club 02/13/2017 Greenview Baptist Church 7:00pm
Forest Heights 02/13/2017 Community Center (Blue Ridge Terrace) 6:00pm
Highland Forest 02/13/2017 Omega House (613 Wilmette Rd) 7:00pm
Hollywood Hills 02/13/2017 Dennis Chapel Baptist Church (230 Bertha Dr.) 7:00pm
Starks Terrace 02/13/2017 Dennis Chapel Baptist Church (230 Bertha Dr.) 7:00pm
Denny Terrace 02/14/2017 Denny Terrace Community Center (Bishop Ave) 6:30pm
Fairlawn 02/16/2017 Fairlawn Community Center (9218 Wilson Blvd) 6:00pm
Hastings Pointe 02/16/2017 Keenan High School 7:00pm
Lincolnshire 02/16/2017 7405 Fairfield Rd (Crane Creek Rec Center) 7:00pm
Ridgewood / Barony 02/16/2017 Ridgewood Recreational Center (805 Crest Street) 7:00pm
Lake Elizabeth 02/16/2017 9128 Wilson Blvd 6:00pm
Easter Street Community 02/27/2017 Greenview Park 5:00pm
Meadowlake Community 02/28/2017 Meadowlake Park Rec Center 6:00pm
Byrneswood Community no meeting Print Building on Monticello Road @ Ensor Ave. 7:00pm
Capital Heights / Bayberry Mews no meeting Capital Heights Main Office 6:00pm
Colonial Heights no meeting St Johns Baptist Church (3404 W. Beltline Blvd) 7:00pm
Columbia College no meeting Columbia College 6:30pm
Fairwold Acres no meeting Pendergrass Elementary School TBA
Farrow Point no meeting TBA 7:00pm
Golden Acres no meeting Columbia College Dr. Church of God (4702 Jones St) TBA
Greenview Civic Association no meeting Greenview First Baptist Church (101 Isaac St.) 7:00pm
Greenview Crime & Safety Meeting no meeting Greenview Baptist Church 7:00pm
Greenview Evangelism no meeting 6717 David Street 5:30pm
Harlem Heights no meeting Pendergrass Elementary School 6:00pm
Heron Lake Apartments no meeting TBA 6:00pm
Hillandale Apartments no meeting 525 Alcott Rd. 6:00pm
Hyatt Park no meeting Eau Claire Print Shop TBA
Hyatt Park/Keenan Terrace Safety Com. no meeting Eau Claire Presbyterian (628 Muller Ave.) 6:30pm
Jasmine Place no meeting Model Home (Jasmine Place Drive) 7:00pm
North 21 Terrace no meeting Belmont Baptist Church (901 Mason Road) 6:00pm
Pine Forest no meeting 7405 Fairfield Rd (Crane Creek Rec Center) 7:00pm
Prescott Manor Apartments no meeting Community Room 6:00pm
Providence Plantation no meeting 41 Providence Manor Court 6:00pm
Twin Eagles no meeting Library on Parklane 7:30pm
Windemere Springs no meeting 4430 Argent Ct. 7:15pm
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Region 4

Lakeside Apartments 02/02/2017 Community Room 3:00pm
Courtyard Condos 02/06/2017 Apartment F74 6:30pm
Ballentine Civic Association 02/06/2017 Ballentine Park Recreation Center 6:30pm
Belmont Estates 02/07/2017 1003 Statler Road 7:00pm
Interfaith Partners 02/07/2017 Zorba's: 6169 St. Andrews Road 6:30pm
Riverview Terrace 02/13/2017 E.E. Taylor Elementary 6:30pm
St. Andrews Woods Condos 02/13/2017 Hickory Hill Dr. Clubhouse 6:30pm
Woods Edge Apartments 02/16/2017 Woods Edge Community Room 10:00am
Lexington Green (1st meeting) 02/20/2017 1208 Bush River Rd. 7:00pm
The Quarters 02/21/2017 1211 Metze Rd. Clubhouse 6:30pm
Pine Valley/Kingswood 02/27/2017 Columbia High School - Drama Room 6:30pm
Ascot 02/27/2017 Clubhouse (1104 Steeple Ridge Rd.) 7:00pm
Bonnie Forest 02/28/2017 937 Piney Woods Rd. Rec Center 6:30pm
Arbor Oaks No meeting 5 Arbor Oaks Ct. 7:00pm
Arbor Springs No meeting Ballentine Park 6:00pm
Arborgate No meeting Arborview Ct 6:00pm
Ashford No meeting Clubhouse 7:00pm
The Ashton No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Aderly Oaks No meeting Ballentine Park Recreation 7:00pm
Audubon Oaks No meeting St Andrews Library 7:00pm
Autumn Ridge No meeting 3421 Kay Street (Office) 5:30pm
Beacon Point No meeting Ballentine Park Recreation 7:00pm
Belfair Crime Watch No meeting Belfair Clubhouse 6:30pm
Bent Tree Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Briargate Condos No meeting Clubhouse 5:45pm
Brook Pines Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 5:30pm
Carnaby Square No meeting Clubhouse 7:00pm
Carriage House Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 4:00pm
Cedar Cove No meeting Clubhouse 6:30pm
Chartwell No meeting Region 4 HQ 7:00pm
Chelsea Park No meeting River Springs Baptist Church 6:30pm
Cherokee Gardens No meeting 288 Chippewa 5:00pm
Colony East Apartments No meeting Region 4 HQ 6:30pm
Columbiana Ridge No meeting Club house 6:00pm
Concord Place No meeting 421 Concord Place Road 6:00pm
Copperfield Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 5:30pm
Creekside Place No meeting Region 4 HQ 6:00pm
Crestland Place No meeting Region 4 HQ 1:00pm
Cricket Hill Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 6:30pm
Crossroads Apartments No meeting Complex Office by the Pool 6:00pm
Cutlers Station No meeting Harbison Rec Center 7:00pm
Dena Banks No meeting 744 Zimalcrest Rd. 3:00pm
Elm Abode/Huffman No meeting 1500 Broad River Rd. (Virginia Wingard) 6:30pm
Emerald Valley No meeting Region 4 HQ 7:00pm
Enclave Apartments No meeting Club House 6:00pm
Farrington Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Forest One (Harbison) No meeting Harbison Rec Center 6:00pm
Forty Love Point No meeting Boat Landing 7:00pm
Foxport Subdivision No meeting Lake Murray Elementary School 6:00pm
Friarsgate Park No meeting Friarsgate Park 7:00pm
Green Oaks Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
The Groves No meeting Clubhouse (1400 Cactus Ave) 7:00pm
Harbison Board Meeting No meeting Harbison Rec Center 6:00pm
Harbison Community Association No meeting Harbison Rec Center 7:00pm
Harbison Security Meeting No meeting 106 Hillpine Rd. 12:00pm
Harmon Hill No meeting 1 Meadowland Ct. 3:00pm
Heatherstone No meeting Kennerly Baptist Church 6:30pm
The Hollows Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Homewood Terrace HOA No meeting Piney Grove Community Center 6:30pm
Huffman Heights/Elm Abode No meeting Virginia Wingard Church, 1500 Broad River Rd 6:30pm
Hunters Ridge Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Ivy Green No meeting 10000 Broad River Rd 2:00pm
Kingston Village No meeting Ballentine Park 7:30pm
Koon Road Crime Watch No meeting TBA 6:30pm
The Lakes at Harbison No meeting 5:30pm 6:00pm
Lexington Green (2nd meeting) No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Lost Creek No meeting 129 Silverfox Lane 6:00pm
Lowman Home No meeting Lowman Home 2:30pm
Milford Park No meeting Ballentine Park Recreation Center 7:00pm
Misty Glenn No meeting Ballentine Park Recreation Center 7:00pm
Paces Brook Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
The Park Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 5:00pm
Petan Apartments No meeting Region 4 HQ 6:00pm
Pinewood Knoll No meeting Youngs Chapel Baptist Church (359 Jacobs Rd) 6:00pm
Ricefield Plantation No meeting Salem United Methodist Church 7:00pm
Richland Terrace No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Ridge Creek Board of Directors No meeting TBA 7:00pm
Riverside Forest No meeting 1500 Broad River Rd 6:30pm
Riverwalk No meeting 97 Riverwalk Way 7:00pm
Shadow Wood Cove No meeting 84 Middle Creek Drive 7:30pm
St. Andrews Commons No meeting EE Taylor Elementary School 6:30pm
St. Andrews Pointe No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Stonemont No meeting St Andrews Library TBA
Summerset No meeting Cristus Victor Lutheran Church 3:00pm
Tattler's Wharf No meeting Clubhouse 2:00pm
Village Creek No meeting Region 4 HQ 7:00pm
Waterfall No meeting Playground 12:30pm
The Waterford Apts No meeting Ballentine Park Rec Center 7:00pm
Wellsprings Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 5:00pm
Wescott Ridge No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Willow Creek Apartments No meeting Clubhouse 6:00pm
Winrose No meeting River Springs Church 6:00pm
Wynfield Gables No meeting Virginia Wingard United Methodist Church TBA
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Region 6

Holly Ridge 02/06/2017 711 Longtown Rd. 7:00pm
Willow Lake 02/13/2017 Boney Road - Rec Center 6:30pm
Windemere 02/15/2017 Columbia Country Club 6:00pm
Stonington 02/16/2017 Stonington Club House 6:00pm
Hunters Run 02/17/2017 TBA 6:00pm
Killian Community Club 02/18/2017 103 Joe Apree Circle 9:00am
Eagles Glen Crime  Watch 02/20/2017 113 Osprey Nest Ct. 7:00pm
Cobblestone 02/21/2017 1298 University Parkway 6:00pm
Cedar Creek Young at Heart 02/21/2017 Cedar Creek Baptist Church (1920 Cedar Creek Rd.) 12:00pm
Cedar Creek Land Owners 02/27/2017 Richland Rec Center (Campground Road) 7:30pm
Ashley Oaks no meeting Ashley Oaks Community Pool 6:00pm
Beasley Creek Board of Directors no meeting 50 Glen Ord Ct. 7:15pm
Berkeley Mtg - Lake Carolina no meeting Lake Carolina Clubhouse 7:00pm
Brookhaven no meeting 813 Wickham Lane 2:00pm
Centennial Lakes no meeting Centennial Model Home 7:00pm
Club Colony HOA no meeting Columbia Country Club 7:00pm
Coopers Pond no meeting Trinity Church - Boney Road 6:30pm
Dawson Pond no meeting 1127 N. Firetower Road 7:00pm
Enclave no meeting TBA TBA
Frick Road Community no meeting 701 Blythewood Road - Fairfield Electric 6:30pm
Fulmer Forest no meeting TBA 6:30pm
Heritage Village no meeting Killian Park 7:00pm
Highlands no meeting 403 Bally Bunion Ln 7:30pm
The Highlands HPOA Annual Meeting no meeting Ridgeview School Cafeteria 7:00pm
Holly Grove no meeting TBA TBA
Ivy Square Homeowner's Association no meeting  Crossings Community Church (2831 Clemson Road) 7:00pm
Lake Ashley no meeting TBA TBA
Lake Carolina Safety Council no meeting TBA 12:30pm
Longcreek Plantation no meeting Windemere Club 6:30pm
Oakhurst no meeting TBA TBA
Palmetto Palms no meeting Front Office 7:00pm
Peninsula (Lake Carolina) no meeting Pool Cabana 7:00pm
The Ponds (Lake Carolina) no meeting McQuinn Model Home 6:00pm
Reserve Apartments no meeting Apartment Clubhouse / Leasing Office 7:00pm
Round Top/Sandhills no meeting Round Top Baptist Church 6:00pm
Sandy Level Primetimers no meeting Sandy Level Baptist Church 12:00pm
Surreywood no meeting TBA TBA
Timbervale no meeting 12 Radcott Court 7:00pm
Villages at Longtown Communities no meeting Crossings Community Church (2831 Clemson Rd.) 7:00pm
Willow Creek no meeting 126 Boney Road 7:00pm
Woodcrest Crime Watch no meeting Lake Carolina Info Center 7:00pm
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Region 7

Summit Board Meeting 02/07/2017 The Haven 6:30pm
Royal Pines 02/14/2017 600 Burmaster Dr. 6:30pm
Woodlands Greens 02/25/2017 10136 Two Notch Road (Kroger) 6:30pm
Denby Place 02/28/2017 Brookland Baptist Church 6:30pm
Abington Crime Watch no meeting Summer Chase Pool 6:30pm
Avebury Subdivision no meeting Sandhills Library 7:00pm
Briarcliffe Home Owners Association no meeting 199 Briarcliffe East 3:00pm
Briarcliffe Lake Owners Association no meeting 199 Briarcliffe East 3:00pm
Brook Hollow Subdivision no meeting Northspings Rec Center (1320 Clemson Road) 6:30pm
Brookhaven no meeting Killian Rec Center (Marthan Road) 7:00pm
Candlewood no meeting Polo Road Recreation Center 7:00pm
Carriage Oaks no meeting TBA 6:30pm
Centennial no meeting Centennial Model Home 6:30pm
Chimney Ridge no meeting 100 Clemson Road (McDonalds) 7:00pm
Colony Park/North Crossing no meeting North Springs Park 6:30pm
Community of Ridgeview Circle no meeting Sandhill Library off Summit Parkway 7:00pm
Communities at Summit Ridge no meeting Public Library (Sandhills Branch) 7:00pm
Dove Park no meeting TBA 7:00pm
Elders Pond no meeting Public Library (Sandhills Branch) 7:00pm
Fisherswood no meeting Fisherswood Park 5:00pm
Gatewood no meeting Crossings Community Church (2831 Clemson Rd.) 7:00pm
Heather Green no meeting Crossings Community Church (2831 Clemson Rd.) 7:00pm
Hunt Cliff Road no meeting TBA TBA
Jacobs Creek no meeting Clubhouse 6:30pm
Landsdowne HOA no meeting 1001 Legion Dr. 4:00pm
Legend Oaks no meeting Crossings Community Church (2831 Clemson Rd.) 6:30pm
North Springs - Board Meeting no meeting Village of Sandhills - Community Room 7:00pm
North Trace no meeting Sandhill Library off Summit Parkway 7:00pm
Old McGraw Crime Watch no meeting 1581 McCords Ferry Rd. 6:30pm
The Palms no meeting The Office 6:30pm
Providence Plantation no meeting Parklane Library 6:30pm
Rainsborough HOA no meeting 306 Flora Dr. Jewish Community Center 7:00pm
Reserves Apts. no meeting Apartment Clubhouse 6:30pm
Ridgeview Circle no meeting Village of Sandhills 7:00pm
Ridgeview Communities no meeting Public Library (Sandhills Branch) 7:00pm
Rose Creek no meeting Summit Library 7:00pm
Spears Creek Village Crime Watch no meeting 935 Spears Drive 6:30pm
Spring Valley Apartments no meeting Club house 6:30pm
Summer Chase no meeting Sandhills Library 6:30pm
Summit Multi-Community Meeting no meeting The Haven 7:00pm
Summit Safety Committee no meeting Summer Chase Pool 7:00pm
Turtle Creek no meeting Summit Library 7:00pm
Villages at Lakeshore no meeting Community Pool House 10:00am
Winchester HOA no meeting The Haven 6:30pm
Windmill Orchard no meeting North Springs Rec. Center 7:00pm
Woodcrest Crime Watch no meeting Lake Carolina Info Center 7:00pm
Woodhaven no meeting Summit Library 6:30pm
Woodlake no meeting Bridgecreek Road @ Pavilion 4:00pm
Woodlands no meeting Woodlands Country Club 6:30pm
Woodlands Forest Greens (quarterly) no meeting TBA 7:00pm
The Woodlands NE Home Owners Association no meeting Woodlands Country Club 6:30pm

Region 8

Eastover 02/06/2017 Eastover Town Hall 6:00pm
Hopkins Community Awareness 02/13/2017 Region 1 HQ 7:00pm
Gadsden 02/20/2017 Gadsden Community Center 7:00pm
Whispering Pines 02/27/2017 Hwy Christian Community Church (121 Southwind Rd.) 7:00pm
Eastover Crime Watch No meeting  TBA 7:00pm
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Business Meetings

Blythewood Chamber of Commerce 02/04/2017 Doko Meadows Park 7:30am
Decker Blvd. Business Alliance 02/28/2017 2630 Decker Blvd. 9:00am
Apartment Assoc. of Greater Columbia no meeting Embassy Suites Hotel (200 Stoneridge Dr.) 6:00pm
Blythewood Business Coalition no meeting Maggie's Market (412 McNulty Rd.) 7:30am
Greater Chamber of Commerce Business no meeting Ramada Inn NE: 7510 Two Notch Rd 7:30am
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